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Each of our handcrafted spirits are made from grains and other ingredients sourced directly from local farms. This allows us to proudly create premium products entirely from South Carolina. Stop by for a tasting or a cocktail and our Spirit Guides will give you an education on our entire process while we explain what makes each spirit unique. Or book a Guided Tour and learn about how our products go from “grain to glass”!

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the difference

Discover how producing premium handcrafted spirits in small batches using fresh, local ingredients makes a product which is complex, flavorful and easy to drink. Each of our spirits can be equally enjoyed straight or in your favorite cocktails.

Intemperance Vodka
The Temperance Movement began prohibition. It was the rebellious, intemperate “Wets” who successfully brought its repeal. In their honor, we present Intemperance. This premium, small batch Vodka is produced through multiple distillations and charcoal filtering to remove impurities. Soft and smooth with a mild heat, Intemperance reflects the quality of our locally sourced grains. It is a Vodka that is proudly unique to South Carolina.
Jo-Jo Gin
Before Prohibition became law, South Carolina controlled all spirit sales through the Dispensary System. If you wanted Gin, it likely came in a Jo-Jo Flask. Jo-Jo Gin is produced in the New American style. A blend of ten botanicals, juniper takes a back seat to others like cardamom, coriander, chamomile, star anise, and orange peel, creating a chorus of citrus, floral and spice.
3 Peppers Vodka
Infused with a blend of locally grown Jalapeño, Habanero and Carolina Reaper Peppers, our 3 Peppers Vodka packs a spicy punch. With a base of our exceptional handcrafted Intemperance Vodka, we infuse the three pepper varieties in small batches to create the spicy profile that makes it perfect to enjoy neat or for creating the best Bloody Mary or Spicy Martini!
Big Six Straight Bourbon Whiskey
During prohibition, bootleggers would transport liquor in cars modified to drive faster, corner better, and handle the weight of the bottled spirits. Early on, the preferred engine was the 354 cu in straight 6, or “Big Six”. It was powerful, smooth and consistently dependable, much like our Bourbon. Big Six is the perfect balance of corn, wheat, rye and malt, then aged in new American Oak Barrels to create a soft, rich flavor with notes of caramel, vanilla and banana.
Restitution Rye Whiskey
Our Restitution Rye Whiskey is payback after prohibition nearly killed this incomparable spirit. While other whiskeys recovered quickly after repeal, rye has paid its dues for far too long. Restitution Rye Whiskey is produced using a blend of three grains: Rye, Corn and Malt. While still maintaining the traditional spice profile of a Rye Whiskey, the addition of Corn and Malt, then aging in new American Oak Barrels makes Restitution soft, smooth and easy to drink.
Mullet Creek Rum
Rum production, unlike grain based spirits, blossomed in the Caribbean and unlike Bootleggers, Rum Runners would dodge the authorities on open water, smuggling through tributaries to awaiting trucks. Mullet Creek, right here in Little River, was one such place. Our Rum pays tribute to those early Rum Runners. Produced using premium locally sourced molasses, it has a soft and slightly sweet profile that can be enjoyed straight or in any cocktail.
Crusader Spiced Rum
The Crusaders were founded to promote the repeal of prohibition after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre between rival bootleggers in Chicago. They were instrumental in providing political pressure to bring its repeal. In their honor, we produce our Crusader Spiced Rum. Handmade by infusing our Crusader Spiced Rum with spices such as Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans, Cloves, Star Anise and Ginger among others, Crusader reflects the quality of our small, single batch infusion with local, fresh ingredients.
Carolina Peach Vodka
Peaches are as much a part of South Carolina culture as the warm days and fertile land that produces them. Carolina Peach is produced by infusing small batches of our handcrafted Intemperance Vodka with fresh, juicy peaches for a light, slightly sweet profile that can be enjoyed neat or in any variety of cocktails.
Sweet Tea Vodka
Warm afternoons, rocking chairs and sweet tea are a Carolina way of life. Our version just makes those afternoons a little bit better. With a base of our exceptional handcrafted Intemperance Vodka, we infuse natural tea extracts and pure cane sugar in small batches to create a deliciously sweet spirit. You can enjoy Sweet Tea on the rocks or try mixing with traditional tea or lemonade.
Arethusa Single Barrel Rum
During Prohibition, Rum was produced in the Caribbean and transported on ships throughout the eastern seaboard. The most famous of those ships was Arethusa, renowned for carrying the highest quality spirits. In her honor, our single barrel rum is made from premium blackstrap molasses and rested in rye whiskey barrels to create a soft, sweet profile with notes of caramel and vanilla. Enjoy it neat or mixed with any rum cocktails.




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